Our scope of intervention

The CNDP is competent for all projects of national interest that have a significant impact on the environment or land use planning, such as offshore wind farm projects or the burial of nuclear waste.

What is the CNDP's scope of intervention?

The projects for which the CNDP is solicited are extremely diverse. A decree has set the categories of projects for which the CNDP must be consulted. The list can be found within the article R.121-2 of the Environmental Code, but the CNDP is also called upon on a voluntary basis for projects that have an impact on the environment.

The CNDP ensures that the right to information and public participation is respected in the following areas 

Energy and climate projects:

  • Onshore and offshore wind farm projects, such as the offshore wind farms in Normandy and the Mediterranean, 
  • Photovoltaic projects such as the Horizeo project in Saucats in Gironde or the Solarzac project in Larzac,
  • Nuclear projects such as the Flamanville EPR or the Cigeo radioactive waste burial site in the Meuse,
  • High or very high voltage power line projects and interconnections with other countries such as the project for a link between France and Spain in the Biscay Bay,
  • Any other major energy production project. 

Transportation and mobility projects:

  • Road or motorway projects, 
  • Railway projects such as the new Paris Normandy line, 
  • Airport projects such as Notre Dame des Landes or the extension of Terminal 4 at Roissy,
  • Port development projects such as the redevelopment of the port of La Rochelle or Saint Malo.

Industrial equipment projects: 

  • Mining projects, such as the "Montagne d'Or" project in Guyana,
  • Plant construction projects such as the H2V hydrogen production plants, the Rec Solar solar panel production project or the Gigafactory electric battery production project,
  • Waste treatment projects such as incinerators or methanizers,

Cultural, sports, scientific and tourist facilities projects: 

  • Europacity project for the construction of a commercial, tourist and cultural complex,
  • Projects for the creation or renovation of University Hospitals such as the University Hospital of Saint Ouen, 
  • Projects for the creation or renovation of stadiums such as the Nîmes or Montpellier stadiums.

National or territorial plans or programs subject to environmental assessment:

  • Multi-annual energy programme, national plan for the application of the common agricultural policy (CAP), national plan for the management of radioactive materials and waste, etc,
  • Territorial "climate air energy" plans, regional "nitrate" plans, etc.

The CNDP's advisory and expert missions, as well as its opinions and recommendations, apply to any issue relating to public participation. Therefore, they cover a wide area: expertise for the public consultation platform of the Ministry in charge of the Environment, support for the National Food Council or the National Health Conference, preparation of the great national debate, etc.

  • Published on 14/04/2021
  • Last update : 14/04/2021