The Codes of Ethics

Members of the CNDP, like all persons acting on its behalf, are subject to ethical requirements that guarantee their independence and neutrality.

The Code of Ethics applicable to members of the National Commission for Public Debate

As soon as they are appointed, CNDP members sign an 11-point code of ethics that includes the principles of secrecy of deliberations, reserve and discretion. In particular, they commit to independence and impartiality, which prohibits them from taking part in the examination of cases in which they would have a conflict of interest. They are committed to probity, prohibiting any advantage whatsoever on the part of a project owner.

For further information

Read the Charter of deontology for the members of the CNDP

The charter of ethics and professional conduct of the members of the special commissions for public debate and the guarantors

All the persons appointed by the CNDP to lead a public debate or guarantee a consultation process commit to : have no personal or professional interest in the debated project, to have taken no position on the substance of the project, and to be independent from the parties involved. This charter is signed for each mission upon appointment. In the event of non-compliance with the principles of the charter by an appointed person, the CNDP will terminate his or her assignment.  

For further information

Read the Charter of ethics and deontology of the members and guarantors of the CNDP

  • Published on 14/04/2021
  • Last update : 03/05/2021